Why settle family disputes by mediation?

Family disputes are different because it involves not only legal and technical issues but a lot of non-legal issues. And all these are inter-woven. Words of our own hurts more than anything else, even more than actions.

It also deals with not only partition, inheritance and/or divorce, but every individual’s perspective is filled with different prisms, fixed notions and expectations about each other.

Clients in family disputes are increasingly expecting their trusted advisors to help them effectively deal with these emotionally charged disputes beyond the context of the legal issues. And it requires a total different skill sets to deal with.

It requires inter-personal skills of trained and experienced mediator(s) to engage with challenging and emotional issues, deliver difficult information, timings, when and how much to reveal, work effectively with the opposing side, managing expectations with objectivity and help work through wider personal and commercial solutions.

Retired Supreme Court Judge, Joseph Kurian, said “

“Ultimately the epicentre of a dispute is a strained relationship between the husband and wife, or between relatives or brothers and sister. So mediation is the best solution to settle family disputes and even community disputes. Both sides should feel that there is an equitable justice and ultimately peace because in the legal system one side wins and other side loses.” (as reported here).

Mediation is an attempt to resolve disputes with a win-win solution and help families reconcile.

Prakash Pandya is trained and has experience in dealing with family disputes. He continues to upgrade his skills with each case. We endeavour to provide tools in your hand to arrive at not only sustainable solution mutually agreeable but also maintain relations.