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Unlocking Mediation’s Potential: The Case for a Mandatory First Session

Authored by: Adv. Prakash K. Pandya, Advocate and Mediator, Mumbai In a momentous decision, the Mediation Bill 2023 was ratified by the Rajya Sabha on August 1, 2023, swiftly followed by Lok Sabha approval on August 7, 2023. With the President’s assent on September 15, this pivotal Bill transformed into the Mediation Act, 2023. Its…

Directions of the Supreme Court and High Courts in India

India’s Supreme Court and high courts regularly issue instructions to various government agencies, both at the central and state levels on slew of matters. Some of these directions also extend to lower courts. Here an attempt is made to create a list of some of such court rulings that aim to make people’s lives easier.…

Sharing my recent experience of the power of Mediation and Negotiation.

Last Thursday, I was driving my car and waiting at a signal to take left turn. As soon as the signal turned green, I took left turn. Hardly I would have travelled 100 meters and I heard some noise like some one is knocking. I had second thought, that may be there was something on…