Start-up registrations

After company formation, several Indian laws requires registration with various authorities. Since these are normally required at the time of commencement of business, we call it Start-up registrations.

Registrations with various departments of the Government of India are mandatory under the various Indian laws. Some of the mandatory start-up registrations for business in India, for which we provide services are:

  • obtaining Permanent Account Number (PAN) under the Income Tax Act.
  • obtaining Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN) under the Income Tax Act.
  • obtaining Export Import Code (IEC) number, for export from/import into India of any products/services.
  • registration of office / branch with the Service Tax  authorities, for service provider.
  • registration of warehouse / office under the Legal Metrology, if you are importing, labeling, packing, re-packing, storing or selling any products in package or wrapped in plastic. Generally department gives moratorium of 90 days to new establishments. to specify net weight, MRP etc. if selling products wrapped in packages
  • registration of office with local municipal offices under the shops and establishments law. It provides for opening and closing hours, weekly holiday, leave with pay etc. Registration shall be applied for within 30 days of establishment.
  • registration under the Profession Tax (for limited companies and directors). Generally department grants moratorium to new establishments. This is generally done by VAT offices.
  • registration with the Central Sales Tax and Value Added Tax (VAT), for sale of goods in India.
  • registration with the Employees State Insurance, for the welfare of employees.
  • registration with the Employees Provident Fund, for the welfare of employees.
  • registration with Customs authorities for import into/export from India from / to related party.

Optional but highly recommended registrations, for which we offer services are:

  • Trade Marks and Service Marks
  • Copyrights. For example, computer software are not patented in India, but protected under the Copyright law.
  • Designs (product designs)

Further depending upon, nature of activities carried out in India, various registrations/approvals from various authorities are required. Our services are also availed by entrepreneurs in obtaining registrations/approvals

  • of the Reserve Bank of India, to register as Non-Banking Financial Companies /NBFCs or to begin or carrying on business of non-banking financial services
  • Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, to start a television channel. Even where channel is up-linked from outside India, approval and registration in India is mandatory.