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Are you finding this familiar? Unexpressed feelings inhibits your conversation while expressed feelings derails it! In mediation, we assist to manage and communicate your feelings effectively.

In Mediation, we empower parties to identify and articulate their needs and perspectives. It provides an opportunity to resolve disputes by mutual recognition, and negotiation.

In mediation, the parties, their lawyers, and the mediator are all negotiating to achieve certain objectives. The satisfactory resolution of disputes through mediation depends on the ability of each participant to negotiate effectively. Thus, effective negotiation can make a difference between a successful mediation and an unsuccessful one.

You may believe in resolving conflict through mediation, but opponent or their lawyer may see it as weakness. This can be effectively mitigated.

We assist in two ways – acting as an Advocate in Mediation and as a Mediator.

Services as Advocate in Mediation:

  • Assist you to refer matter to mediation
  • Advise on selection of a mediator
  • Prepare you for mediation
  • Appear and represent you in mediation

Services as Mediator:

Prakash Pandya is a certified and SIMI accredited mediator. He is a conflict management professional, endeavours to help people manage and improve relationships while creating value. To know about Prakash K. Pandya, click here

You may refer family / matrimonial disputes, consumer disputes, and other civil and commercial disputes for mediation.

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